Chocolate Co. Geese Control Standby Statement Assignment

Geese Control Standby Statement

The Chocolate Company has enlisted the help of well-trained border collies to herd the Canadian geese who have taken residence on the headquarters property. In addition to contaminating the pond, which is the property’s main source of water in a fire emergency, the geese have on numerous occasions have become aggressive towards employees in the parking lot. For safety reasons, the company is attempting to help the geese find a new, more suitable home.

In the interest of preserving local wildlife, Chocolate Company has ensured the herding dogs are completely harmless to the geese. The dogs are non-aggressive and trained to gently migrate the geese to a new site. Since Chocolate Company’s headquarters is located in the countryside, moving the geese to the outskirts of the property will have no impact on their habitat. The border collies seem to be managing the situation well after several other failed approaches, so the company will continue to use them to address the problem.

Did the dogs kill the geese on the property?

After examining the geese found on the property, we have no reason to believe they were killed by the herding dogs. In addition to being well-trained, killing other animals is  against the border collies’ nature. Additionally, it is important to remember the property is in the countryside and filled with wildlife, including other animals, so the cause of death could be a number of reasons.

Why don’t you try [insert another approach] instead?

The company has tried several other methods to control the matter, including loud noise and repelling fertilizer for the grass. The border collies are the only method, thus far, that has worked and we are confident that the practice is completely humane and in the best interest of employees and the geese.  For these reasons, we will continue to manage the problem using the border collies.

Graduate-level Media Relations assignment. Grade: 100%Graduate-level Media Relations Assignment. Grade: 100%

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