Speech: Announcing Amazon Warehouse

Prepared for the Mayor, academic work

We  all know Staten Islanders work hard for the borough – and it isn’t easy. From closing the world’s largest sanitation site post-9/11 to recovering after Sandy’s devastation, I am always impressed by the diligence of this community. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that once again, Staten Island has taken another stride to benefit its residents and all of New York City.

Today, I am delighted to announce that Amazon has accepted the City’s bid to build a headquarters in New York City, including a brand new warehouse on Staten Island. This new development means thousands of full-time jobs to the community, economic growth and stability for the entire City and State, and encouraging other companies to move in with jobs for our neighbors.

The warehouse will be located at Global Matrix Park, New York City’s largest warehouse located on Staten Island’s West Shore. The 200-acre property is close to both the newly-renovated Goethals and Verrazano Bridges. Amazon is the first tenant in the warehouse complex, bringing 2,250 new full-time jobs to the island.

The company is expecting an $18 million tax credit contingent upon creating jobs for Staten Island and New York State with this new 855,000-square-foot facility. For this, the company must promise to keep its more than 800 existing jobs in the State. More jobs on Staten Island means a lot to this community. For those balancing families, working, and commuting, a full-time job nearby that provides good benefits and stability makes all the difference. I’ve spoken to many of you about the importance of building careers on the island and I understand the importance.

Above and beyond the immediately tangible benefits, the confidence Amazon has placed in Staten Island sets an example for other companies. The Global Matrix Park facility has additional space for other companies to move in and grow. Amazon’s influence is worth even more than the $80 million investment in Staten Island. Soon we’ll be seeing more companies seeking space in the last affordable borough, something we’ve already seen with the opening of Broadway Stage’s film studio, built on the former site of the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility. You can see the pattern of confidence building. This means more quality jobs, closer to home.

Between the 2,250 new jobs, the guarantee of the more than 800 existing jobs, and the promise of other companies following suit – this is a big win for Staten Island, New York City, and New York State. For decades, Staten Island has fought to make and keep the borough an affordable place for families to flourish. We’ve made great strides before this and we’ll continue to work hard for what matters to Staten Island.

Last but not least – perhaps a favorite benefit to our younger neighbors who are used to instant gratification – let’s not forget the same-day shipping benefit I know we will all be enjoying, especially around the holiday season! If Manhattan can have it, why not Staten Island

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