Not-For Profit Call to Action – The Humane Society

The Humane Society of the United States is dedicated to the ethical treatment of all animals – from cats and dogs to chickens and cows, and beyond to monkeys and polar bears. We believe that all animals deserve a voice and we advocate through a number of ways:

We don’t all have the opportunity to donate money or dedicate a lot of time, but we can all take action. On Giving Tuesday, November 28, we ask you to speak for those without a voice. Writing a letter to your local representative through our simple form, learning more about adoption, and making a donation are all generous ways to support the Humane Society and our mission. Your support makes a difference for animals and the people who love them. Click here to learn more about the Humane Society and all that we have accomplished through donor and volunteer support.

Speech: Announcing Amazon Warehouse

Prepared for the Mayor, academic work

We  all know Staten Islanders work hard for the borough – and it isn’t easy. From closing the world’s largest sanitation site post-9/11 to recovering after Sandy’s devastation, I am always impressed by the diligence of this community. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that once again, Staten Island has taken another stride to benefit its residents and all of New York City.

Today, I am delighted to announce that Amazon has accepted the City’s bid to build a headquarters in New York City, including a brand new warehouse on Staten Island. This new development means thousands of full-time jobs to the community, economic growth and stability for the entire City and State, and encouraging other companies to move in with jobs for our neighbors.

The warehouse will be located at Global Matrix Park, New York City’s largest warehouse located on Staten Island’s West Shore. The 200-acre property is close to both the newly-renovated Goethals and Verrazano Bridges. Amazon is the first tenant in the warehouse complex, bringing 2,250 new full-time jobs to the island.

The company is expecting an $18 million tax credit contingent upon creating jobs for Staten Island and New York State with this new 855,000-square-foot facility. For this, the company must promise to keep its more than 800 existing jobs in the State. More jobs on Staten Island means a lot to this community. For those balancing families, working, and commuting, a full-time job nearby that provides good benefits and stability makes all the difference. I’ve spoken to many of you about the importance of building careers on the island and I understand the importance.

Above and beyond the immediately tangible benefits, the confidence Amazon has placed in Staten Island sets an example for other companies. The Global Matrix Park facility has additional space for other companies to move in and grow. Amazon’s influence is worth even more than the $80 million investment in Staten Island. Soon we’ll be seeing more companies seeking space in the last affordable borough, something we’ve already seen with the opening of Broadway Stage’s film studio, built on the former site of the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility. You can see the pattern of confidence building. This means more quality jobs, closer to home.

Between the 2,250 new jobs, the guarantee of the more than 800 existing jobs, and the promise of other companies following suit – this is a big win for Staten Island, New York City, and New York State. For decades, Staten Island has fought to make and keep the borough an affordable place for families to flourish. We’ve made great strides before this and we’ll continue to work hard for what matters to Staten Island.

Last but not least – perhaps a favorite benefit to our younger neighbors who are used to instant gratification – let’s not forget the same-day shipping benefit I know we will all be enjoying, especially around the holiday season! If Manhattan can have it, why not Staten Island

Content Marketing: Submitting a Manuscript? Read This Before Hitting Send

Company X’s Chief Editor Jane Smith’s Top Tips for New Authors

On an any given day, my editing assistant, Sam, can be found buried behind three-foot stacks of manuscripts piled on her desk – I can’t even imagine what her email inbox looks like. There are many talented authors who pass their manuscripts along to Company X, but we can’t take on every manuscript. With so many submissions, sometimes our decision isn’t about whcih manuscript is “better” – it comes down to practicalities. It’s a shame when we need to reject talented authors because their book needed too much work. After 25 years in publishing, my best advice to new authors is – before you hit send, make you work is in the best shape possible. You don’t want simple, avoidable errors to cloud your brilliant work because sometimes this can be the weight-limiting factor.

Here are a few of the most common reasons manuscripts are immediately rejected:

Poorly Formatted: Formatting a manuscript takes a lot of time and attention to detail. When authors send us work that isn’t formatted as a manuscript, we have to factor in extra time and money to account for fixing this. While there are many variations to how to format the manuscript, select one, standard style and stick with it. Click here [insert link to Company X’s blog post about formatting] for a few versions that might be helpful.

Review the guidelines: When a manuscript is sent via mail to Company X – the author gets an automatic rejection letter. That’s because Company X’s guidelines require all manuscripts be submitted through our online portal. All literary agencies have guidelines for submitting manuscripts. Sending submissions outside of guidelines automatically gets your manuscript rejected, so make sure you read carefully. Be sure that you are submitting to the appropriate department through their preferred channel.

Have a Summary: Like Company X, many literary agencies are at first only looking for a short plot summary of your book. Make sure you have a concise, well-polished summary ready to distribute. You should tailor your summary to fit the agency (or crowdfunding platform!) you are communicating with.

Hire an editing service: Many times, our team rejects manuscripts simply because they require far too much editing. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, I always recommend that authors get their work professionally proofed before sending to literary agents. Free online tools such as Grammarly are a great headstart, but ultimately, you’ll want to invest in an editing service.

Write a tailored cover letter: Before submitting, do your research. Be sure to write a tailored cover letter that explains why you’ve identified the book agent and how your book is the right fit for them. Usually, there’s space to add extra attachments or write this part in the submission form if you’re submitting online.

Thinking of alternatives to book agents for your manuscript? Check out Company X, a crowdfunding platform and publisher for new, talented .



Chocolate Co. Geese Control Standby Statement Assignment

Geese Control Standby Statement

The Chocolate Company has enlisted the help of well-trained border collies to herd the Canadian geese who have taken residence on the headquarters property. In addition to contaminating the pond, which is the property’s main source of water in a fire emergency, the geese have on numerous occasions have become aggressive towards employees in the parking lot. For safety reasons, the company is attempting to help the geese find a new, more suitable home.

In the interest of preserving local wildlife, Chocolate Company has ensured the herding dogs are completely harmless to the geese. The dogs are non-aggressive and trained to gently migrate the geese to a new site. Since Chocolate Company’s headquarters is located in the countryside, moving the geese to the outskirts of the property will have no impact on their habitat. The border collies seem to be managing the situation well after several other failed approaches, so the company will continue to use them to address the problem.

Did the dogs kill the geese on the property?

After examining the geese found on the property, we have no reason to believe they were killed by the herding dogs. In addition to being well-trained, killing other animals is  against the border collies’ nature. Additionally, it is important to remember the property is in the countryside and filled with wildlife, including other animals, so the cause of death could be a number of reasons.

Why don’t you try [insert another approach] instead?

The company has tried several other methods to control the matter, including loud noise and repelling fertilizer for the grass. The border collies are the only method, thus far, that has worked and we are confident that the practice is completely humane and in the best interest of employees and the geese.  For these reasons, we will continue to manage the problem using the border collies.

Graduate-level Media Relations assignment. Grade: 100%Graduate-level Media Relations Assignment. Grade: 100%


CHICAGO – July 7, 2014 – NBC 5 Chicago today announced that it has named Brandin Stewart Vice President of Sales effective immediately. Stewart reports to David Doebler, President and General Manager of the station.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Brandin to Chicago,” said Doebler. “His proven leadership and success combined with his cross-platform experience with national, local and business development sales makes him the right person to lead our already high-performing sales team at NBC 5.”

Stewart brings more than 15 years of experience to his new roles, having worked in sales positions of increasing responsibility within the NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations group over the last 12 years.

Most recently, Stewart was Vice President of Sales for NBC 7 San Diego for the last two years. In San Diego, Stewart contributed toward growing the station’s revenue and increasing its market share.

Prior to his role at NBC 7, Stewart was the Director of Business Development Sales at NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth / KXAS, where he and his team took an innovative approach to bringing in dozens of new accounts, which led to new revenue opportunities and a boost in market share. He also held sales roles at NBCUniversal’s National Sales Office and began his local broadcast career as a Sales Associate with the highly competitive NBC Sales Associates Program.

“It is my pleasure to be working for NBC 5 Chicago,” said Stewart. “NBC 5 has such a deep rooted tradition in the Chicago market and they have always been a leader on-air and on-line. Together our sales staff will continue to deliver top quality service to our clients, while providing creative solutions that meet clients’ needs.”

Stewart holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Kentucky’s College of Business. He and his family reside in Chicago.

About NBC 5 Chicago / WMAQ

NBC 5 Chicago (WMAQ) is the NBCUniversal owned television station in Chicago. On October 8, 1948, the station, then called WNBQ-TV, transmitted its first telecast from the Merchandise Mart—the third game of the Indians-Braves World Series in Cleveland, Ohio. The station’s current call letters, WMAQ-TV, were established in 1964. During NBC5 Chicago’s rich history, the station pioneered a number of television “firsts.” On April 15, 1956, NBC 5 became the world’s first allcolor station. In September of 1986, NBC 5 became the first Chicago commercial station to broadcast in stereo. In 1989, NBC 5 was the first Chicago station to present closed captioning of all local newscasts. Currently, NBC 5 airs over 30 hours of local news per week in HD on its core channel. NBC5 launched its digital channel 5.2 in Nov. 2010. It was rebranded in Jan. 2013 as COZI TV, a mix of retro series, movies and original programming. Viewers can also follow NBC 5 on for the latest news, weather, original franchises and streamed original content.


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